FibroScan® Testing is Covered Under Category I CPT Code 91200

Liver elastography, mechanically induced shear wave (e.g. vibration) interpretation and report of CPT Code: 91200 for 2018

  • Physician Office Medicare Payment $41.04 (1.14 RVU)
  • Hospital Outpatient Medicare Payment $136.31 (APC 5721)*

* Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment – Final CY2018 Payment Rates – CMS-1633-FC/CMS-1607-F2



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Is there a CPT code for the FibroScan® examination?

Yes, testing billed under the new CPT category I code 91200.

Q2. How do hospital or outpatient facilities bill for a FibroScan® examination?

Hospitals and outpatient clinics performing the FibroScan® exam would bill 91200. Coverage and payment of FibroScan® may vary by commercial payers.

Q3. How do physicians bill for a FibroScan® examination?

The hospital physician charging for test interpretation and reporting will bill 91200-26 which is 0.39 RVU. Coverage and payment for FibroScan® examination may vary by commercial payers.

Q4. Is there someone I can speak with if there are questions?

Echosens maintains a Reimbursement Hotline at (866) 905-4837, option number 4.