Innovation in Liver Disease Management

Using patented VCTE and CAP technologies, the FibroScan® 502 Touch system is the first non-invasive elastography device indicated for use as an aid in the clinical management of patients with liver disease. The FibroScan® examination is simple, fast and repeatable over time. This unique, accurate and efficient device brings extra confidence to patient management.

The FibroScan® system is designed to optimally serve the busy point of care clinic with the test data they need, when they need it. FibroScan® is designed with Smart Tools to direct the operator through the examination. These Smart Tools include probe selection tools to adapt the examination to the patient’s morphology, liver targeting tools to ensure the probe is centered on the liver parenchyma, and visual cues to ensure optimal probe positioning. These tools reduce procedure time while enhancing test consistency. The FibroScan® system uses an ergonomically designed transducer to generate a controlled 50 Hz mechanical vibration to induce the shear wave. Pulse echo ultrasound is used to track shear wave speed and liver stiffness is calculated using Young’s Modulus.

The simultaneous assessment of the liver stiffness (VCTE) and ultrasound attenuation rate (CAP) provide important information for the assessment of liver health.

Features include:

  • Touch screen data entry
  • S,+ M+ & XL+ probes: compatible with all morphologies of patients
  • Two probe connectors to easily switch between the probes during the examination
  • Connectivity options: multiple USB ports (export data, report to USB devices, report exam can be printed or exported on an external drive) to share of information instantly.



Probes and gel holders mated on either side. Probes easily accessible.


Watch our FibroScan exam demonstration


Indications For Use

The FibroScan® 502 Touch is intended to provide 50Hz shear wave speed measurements and estimates of tissue stiffness as well as 3.5 MHz ultrasound coefficient of attenuation (CAP: Controlled Attenuation Parameter) in internal structures of the body.

FibroScan® 502 Touch is indicated for noninvasive measurement in the liver of 50 Hz shear wave speed and estimates of stiffness as well as 3.5 MHz ultrasound coefficient of attenuation (CAP: Controlled Attenuation Parameter).

The shear wave speed and stiffness, and CAP may be used as an aid to diagnosis and monitoring of adult patients with liver disease, as part of an overall assessment of the liver.

Shear wave speed and stiffness may be used as an aid to clinical management of pediatric patients with liver disease.