Echosens™ North America

Echosens North America was established in 2015 to provide the United States market with direct support for the FibroScan® product line.



Based in Waltham, MA

The Echosens North America team provides comprehensive customer support services, including:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operator training and certification
  • Technical service
  • Medical Affairs & Research
  • Product Development

As part of our ongoing commitment to patients and healthcare providers, Echosens North America is actively partnering with pharmaceutical companies to advance therapeutic options for liver disease.



Echosens is part of a growing global company

While Echosens North America is new, our parent, Echosens Group is the world’s #1 provider of non-invasive point of care medical devices dedicated to assessment of chronic liver diseases. Echosens is a high-tech Limited Liability Corporation incorporated in France in 2001. Echosens products and solutions support physicians in their assessment of patients across many etiologies of liver disease. With a wide-reaching international distribution network to include six wholly owned regional subsidiaries and over 40 independent distributors, Echosens has made FibroScan® systems available in over 75 countries world wide.


Key technologies and
products evaluated
and cited in +1,780
clinical publications

Mentioned or
recommended by WHO
and other prominent
clinical guidelines

Sales and
network covers 70%
countries globally

proven track
record of excellence
in R&D


World's #1 provider of non-invasive medical devices dedicated to the assessment of chronic liver desease.

FibroScan® uses proprietary VCTE technology to generate precise quantitative measurements of key liver parameters. FibroMeter blood test analyzing tools use FibroView proprietary cloud-based technology to analyze test data from blood samples.

CE-markings, CFDA, FDA approvals. Mentioned or recommended by WHO, EASL, AASLD and APASL.

Sell and distribute products directly and through distributors in more than 75 countries. More than 3,500 devices sold worldwide.



Echosens Corporate